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WE BELIEVE IN getting results through strength in numbers, and we believe in MAKING THEM PAY!!!

For just dollars you and others like you will get your grievances heard, AND if you and others like you use our escalation process, you may SHARE IN ANY MONEY OUR LAWYERS RECOVER!

You will "HAVE YOUR DAY IN COURT OR USE THE FAIR GO SHOW " at little or no risk to you!

Before you sign on the dotted line, wouldn't you like to know if these individuals or business and government entities have a bad reputation?

And if you feel you have been treated unfairly, wouldn't you like to strike back? Wouldn't you like to let others know of the pitfalls you may have had when dealing with a certain company, person, or government department.


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These individuals or companies are most likely to be OUTED





We all know that going to court to settle your grievances can be costly and time consuming especially if the organization is large and powerful. But did you know that it only takes three people to instigate a Class Action Suit? BlackListNow's attorneys will be automatically notified when similar complaints are logged at BlackListNow.com and at no additional cost to you, proceedings being. If we are successful in recovering money, you will get to share in the proceeds!!! We have found that most businesses will settle rather than go to court when they realize a practice is unfair; so in many cases, settlement will take place without legal proceedings!!!


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